Talk about great timing!

A big thanks to and @TeckieGirl for the review of DataJog on the site today.  Make sure to follow both of them on Twitter.  We’re a tight knit group and app features like this help keep developers engaged.

As we said before, we started with webOS and we’ll end with webOS.  As DataJog is an Enyo app, it only makes sense to develop it on the platform it was designed for and that is webOS.

And that brings us to DataJog 3.0 and friends.  The Friends feature of DataJog is complete.

You can add friends and send things to each other.  Just as the original pairing process was painless, so is registering a friend.  All you need is their pairing code and off you go.

We look forward to even more enhancements making DataJog your best choice when trying to send something to a device.

Hello Robot! DataJog for Android is released!

DataJog for Android is now in the Google Play market.  DataJog is now truly cross-platform with native apps for webOS and Android.  And yes, you guessed it, iOS is next.

DataJog Android Screen shots

DataJog for Android

Get it on Google Play

There’s a little magic behind DataJog called Enyo, which was originally released with the HP TouchPad.  Fast forward a few months and Enyo was open sourced.  It took a little re-design to make it just right in Android.  The app settings and menus are true activities like other Android apps.

So grab your free copy of DataJog on Android and let us know what you think!

DataJog v2.2

DataJog v2.2 now allows you to send directly between devices.  Just enter the text or link to send and it will appear on the other device.

We also have reset the trial counters so everyone gets another try!

Try DataJog today!

DataJog for Android is here, let us know if you want to Beta with us!

Our First Homebrew Patch!

Big thanks to Gizmo21 over at!  He created a homebrew patch for DataJog.  Read more about it at

He has created a patch that adds ‘Send via DataJog’ to the built-in webOS browser.  His work has inspired us to create some more patches (coming soon) – like one to create a new memo via launch params – which is missing in the memo app!

Be sure to give him ‘Thanks’ via the forums.

A Peek at DataJog 2.1

Here’s a quick look at what’s coming in DataJog 2.1!

We’ve added the ability to have RSS Feeds in DataJog (TouchPad only).


It allows you to add and check your favorite feeds.

RSS Feeds in DataJog

You can keep the URL in your DataJog list or if you’ve stumbled accross a great item you can ‘Jog It to your desktop for further reading or to another webOS device with 

Keep an eye out for DataJog 2.1 and a very special promotion!

Stay Tuned!

And Thanks for supporting DataJog!


DataJog v2.0

Version 2.0 of DataJog is now hitting the app catalog. We’ve added:

    • Send from device to desktop and send from anywhere – devices can now send to the desktop.  Notifications appear in the extension or the website. You can also send from Android, iOS, WP7, PlayBook, Kindle Fire and most any device with a full featured web browser.

Send from Anywhere to DataJog @

  • Run in dashboard – the app can now run in the dashboard with a sleep mode to preserve battery life.

There is also a seven day trial now available in the app catalog.

Thank-you for your support of DataJog!

FireFox Add-on now Available!

We’re please to announce the availability of our FireFox Add-on.

Grab it at and let us know what you think.

How to use the FireFox add-on

  • Install the plugin from the link above
    • After installing, there will be a small orange “DJ” in the add-on toolbar.DataJog Icon for FireFox

      If you don’t see the add-on toolbar, click Alt-V (View), Toolbars, Add-On Bar.  The Add-On bar will appear usually on the bottom of the screen.

    • If you wish to move the “DJ” icon to the main toolbar area, right-click the “DJ” icon and select Customize…  Then drag the icon to the toolbar area.
  • To set pairing code, click the gears icon

Set Pairing code

  • Once installed
    • Click the “DJ” icon to launch the DataJog pop-up.

      From the pop-up, click the action and continue with filling in the fields to send to webOS.  The web icon will send the current web page to webOS. (To clear a selectop on the pop-up screen, click in the reflection area)  OR

    • Highlight text in any web page, right-click, select “‘Jog It” which will launch the DataJog pop-up.  Click the note icon and send the text you highlighted to webOS. (Any highlighted text in a web page will populate in the pop-up.)

      ‘Jog It from right-click menu 


NoScript users will need to ‘allow all from,, and’.