Our First Homebrew Patch!

Big thanks to Gizmo21 over at webosnation.com!  He created a homebrew patch for DataJog.  Read more about it at webosnation.com

He has created a patch that adds ‘Send via DataJog’ to the built-in webOS browser.  His work has inspired us to create some more patches (coming soon) – like one to create a new memo via launch params – which is missing in the memo app!

Be sure to give him ‘Thanks’ via the forums.

A Peek at DataJog 2.1

Here’s a quick look at what’s coming in DataJog 2.1!

We’ve added the ability to have RSS Feeds in DataJog (TouchPad only).


It allows you to add and check your favorite feeds.

RSS Feeds in DataJog

You can keep the URL in your DataJog list or if you’ve stumbled accross a great item you can ‘Jog It to your desktop for further reading or to another webOS device with send2webos.com 

Keep an eye out for DataJog 2.1 and a very special promotion!

Stay Tuned!

And Thanks for supporting DataJog!